NY Developer Wants to Build a Millennium Tower-Sized Skyscraper Downtown

'Extremely sleek and contemporary and with lots of glass'—where have we seen that before?

Boston’s ever-changing skyline could gain a new addition before the decade’s end.

Banker & Tradesman reports that a development team led by New York-based Midwood Investment and Development will pitch a new skyscraper to the Boston Redevelopment Authority, of comparable size to the 685-foot, 60-story Millennium Tower, located diagonally from the proposed site at Washington and Bromfield Streets in Downtown Crossing.

“It’ll be extremely sleek and contemporary and with lots of glass,” Sue Hawkes, CEO of Boston-based brokerage Collaborative Cos, told Banker & Tradesman“And very tall—everything that you would expect in this market.”

At least Hawkes is admitting at the outset that the tower will look like the dozens of other uninspired, uninteresting, blue-gray banalities popping up all over Boston. Ho-hum.

Hawkes said the proposed luxury tower would include retail space, as well as apartments in the lower levels and condos up top. Midwood, which has sat on the Bromfield site since at least 2008, will make the plans public prior to its filing with BRA. If approved, construction is expected to be completed by 2019 or 2020.

In September, we wrote that unfortunately, the Millennium Tower is Boston’s future. A “sleek and contemporary” tower of similar size and price-point sprouting up kitty-corner from the Millennium project sure seems to to confirm that. We are witnessing the New Yorkization of Boston, whether you like it or not.

[h/t Banker & Tradesman]