Girl Scouts Are Upping Cookie Prices

How much will you pay for Thin Mints?

Cookie profit margins have been crunched in recent years, forcing the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts to raise prices.

The brightly colored boxes of goodness will now cost $5, up one dollar from previous seasons. It’s the first price hike in eight years. The new prices are set to kick in on December 11, when the 2015-2016 sales season begins.

According to a release, the price increase will allow more cookie sale proceeds to go to local troops. Troops will receive 90 cents from every $5 sale, about a 30 cent increase from the former $4 price point.

The cost change follows a survey conducted by the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts in July 2015. Its results included feedback from adult volunteers, top cookie sellers, and others involved with sales about the cookie cost structure.

“Each of the 112 Girl Scout councils sets its own price, based on its needs and its knowledge of the local market,” reads a Girl Scouts Cookie FAQ, “Today’s prices reflect both the current cost of cookies and the realities of providing Girl Scout activities in an ever-changing economic environment.”

In Massachusetts’ case, this economic environment is a high cost of living. CNBC reports other councils in expensive areas, like California and Hawaii, already offered cookies at $5.

Last season, Eastern Massachusetts Girl Scouts sold 2.2 million packages of cookies (raking in about $8.8 million.)

While the price hike might have you tweeting in capital letters, consider this statement from Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts CEO Patricia Parcellin, “Each package of cookies purchased is an investment in our mission to build girl leaders.”