Uncaged Blue Line Bunny Bugs MBTA

Don't let your bunny run around a subway car.

An uncaged bunny on the Blue Line. Photo via Transit Police

An uncaged bunny on the Blue Line. Photo via Transit Police

An uncaged rabbit spotted on the Blue Line on Friday afternoon prompted the Transit Police to issue an amusing reminder on social media about passenger etiquette to Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority riders:

The large bunny (seriously, this is a Donnie Darko-sized bunny) was spotted on a Wonderland bound train, according to Universal Hub. It does not appear the bunny created an incident on the train, but according to reports, it was traveling with two cat accomplices, creating quite the furry scene.

The MBTA does not ban pets, but it does encourage riders to use discretion when bringing them on board. Service animals, of course, are always allowed to ride. The MBTA’s straightforward rules for pets, via MBTA.com:

Service animals are allowed on the T at all times.

During off-peak hours, non-service dogs are allowed at the discretion of T vehicle operators. Dogs must be properly leashed and are not allowed to annoy riders or take up a seat. For safety and convenience during rush hours, small domestic animals must be carried in lap-sized containers and out of the way of exits.

In 2012, a woman transported a cat in a stroller on the Red Line in an incident that will forever be known as #StrollerCat. The incident even gave birth to an @StrollerCat Twitter account.

Alas, it does not appear anyone has gobbled up @BlueLineBunny. Yet.