For Some Reason, Fenway Park Appears on Washington Nationals’ 2016 Calendar

We know Fenway is a hitter's park, but yeesh.

Update: Monday, 5:25 p.m.

Get ’em while you can! These bad boys are collector’s items now.


Fenway is America’s Most Beloved Ballpark, and this Red Sox ownership will be damned if you forget it. (Dr. Charles Steinberg has probably choreographed at least five salutes to 2004 in the time it’s taken you to read this.) But do you ever get the feeling that some people love Fenway a little too much? You know, like the Washington Nationals?

Fenway Park appears on the cover of the Nats’ 2016 calendar, according to NPR senior editor and baseball fan Susan Vavrick.

Somebody had one job, and boy, did they muff up. But as Vavrick later noted, the Nationals aren’t necessarily to blame for the mixup, but rather Turner Licensing, who prints and distributes the calendars.

Oddly enough, the Nationals have a losing record at Fenway Park since their relocation from Montreal: 4-5 in nine contests, according to Baseball Reference. It could be worse; at least it isn’t Citi Field or Camden Yards on the cover.