Kevin Youkilis Still Isn’t Verified, Tweets Selfie with Toilet in Protest

Ball's in your court, Twitter.

It’s been a few years since Kevin Youkilis wore a Red Sox uniform. After Bobby Valentine favored a young Will Middlebrooks over him in 2012, Boston traded the two-time World Series champion to the Chicago White Sox. Youkilis spent 2013 with the New York Yankees before announcing his retirement at age 35 the following year.

Since then, he’s joined his former boss Theo Epstein and teammate Manny Ramirez as a special assistant with the Chicago Cubs. In January, he announced plans to open a brewpub with his brother in California. He’s on Twitter, too, and just a tad salty about the lack of a blue checkmark next to his name. Can you blame him? The man’s a Gold Glove winner.

Bold strategy, Cotton. Earlier in the day, Youkilis caught up with WBZ’s Dan Roche and agreed to give him the exclusive when the brewpub opens up, with one stipulation.

Never, ever change, Youk.