Ben Carson Doesn’t Know the Geography of New England

A new map from the Carson campaign puts Vermont south of Massachusetts.

Via Ben Carson for President Campaign

Via Ben Carson for President Campaign

Neurosurgeon and Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has an incredible medical résumé, but it appears geography is not a strength of his.

A new posting from his campaign praised the governors who claim they can block Syrian refugees from entering their states. Those states include our own Massachusetts, along with 30 others like Texas, Florida, and Alabama. The Facebook posting, which has since been taken down, says Carson stands with the governors and urges supporters to call the states who are still allowing Syrians in.

The governors of Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire oppose allowing more Syrian refugees into their states, while Vermont and Connecticut are welcoming them with open arms. Rhode Island’s governor has not taken a clear stand on the issue. Of course, this is a non-issue, because governors have little say in the federal matter of immigration, but that didn’t stop Carson from weighing in:

I am standing with the 31 Governors who are fighting to keep our nation safe. We do not currently have the means to adequately vet the thousands of refugees that the Obama Administration wants to bring into the United States.

Below is a list of Governors who are undecided or have said yes to allowing Syrian Refugees into their states. Please contact your Governor today.

His campaign even posted a map and contact info that features all 50 states that, upon closer inspection, has some serious flaws in the all important New England region.

In the Carson campaign map, Vermont is now to the south of Massachusetts while Maine and New Hampshire are in Quebec and New Brunswick. Maybe a candidate who believes Joseph built the pyramids to store grain should learn basic geography before weighing in on geopolitics.

Carson has lead briefly in some polls, but is in a solid second place in most polls behind New York real estate mogul Donald Trump.