Adam Gaffin Picks His Best Bostonians of All Time

The Universal Hub editor shares his top picks, including Isabella Stewart Gardner, Ben Franklin, and more.

We’re asking prominent locals who they think are the Best Bostonians of all time. Below, Universal Hub‘s Adam Gaffin shares his picks. Play along by voting in our online game.

William Blackstone

“The first Bostonian. And the first Bostonian to put lie to the stereotype of us being crabby and distant—he invited the poor suffering Puritans across the harbor to share the Shawmut peninsula with him (a favor they promptly repaid by driving him crazy and forcing him to flee on his white bull).”

Ben Franklin

“Sure, he did his best work elsewhere, but we can’t forget his roots here.”

Isabella Stewart Gardner

“She defined—and defied—an era. And you have to love how she made sure her home would remain how she loved it, forever.”

Tip O’Neill

“Yes, he was from Cambridge, but his district included part of Boston, and think of what Boston would be like if we still had the Central Artery.”

Leonard Nimoy

“From the West End to Vulcan, and his famous hand gesture probably came from the Vilna Shul.”


Whom would you choose? Help us pick the Best Bostonians of all time.