Google Maps Says Tuesday Is Boston’s Worst Day for Thanksgiving Travel

For everywhere else in the country, it’s Wednesday.

Photo via Google Maps

Photo via Google Maps

The folks at Google Maps have a present for the hoards of holiday travelers gearing up for car rides and turkey: data.

After looking at Thanksgiving trends in 21 cities from the last three years, they made a travel few suggestions. For Bostonians, Google Maps warned to avoid the roads on Tuesday. It’s the most congested day for driving in the area—but for the rest of the country, Wednesday is hands-down the worst day to travel.

Their report suggested all travelers except for Bostonians head out Tuesday, quipping, “Sorry, Boston.” The most sluggish time in Boston’s Thanksgiving week traffic is 5 p.m. on Tuesday, so if Tuesday travel is necessary, it might be best to leave the house early.

Boston is the only city where Tuesday is the worst day for travel. Exceptions were also made for Honolulu, Providence, and San Francisco—their best day to leave is Saturday.