Ten Things Boston Lost in 2015

Bid adieu to all we’ve lost in 2015.

We don’t want to lay too much of a downer on you during these dark, short days, but life is a river, ever flowing in one direction, and when something is gone, it’s gone. The past year seemed to take so much, and while we’re sure we’ll find new hangout spots, new music venues, new karaoke joints, and maybe, even, a newfound sense of pride, we wanted to take a moment and raise a toast to all we’ve bidden farewell to in 2015.


Wikimedia Commons


Wikimedia Commons

Our Art.

April 29: The Boston Public Library misplaced some art by Dürer and Rembrandt. The prints turned up in June, but not before the library’s president, Amy Ryan, had resigned.


Photograph by Fred Deibert

Our Vinyl.

May 21: Weirdo Records, a beloved brick-and-mortar store, returned to the ether from whence it came.


Photograph by Christopher Schmidt/Flickr

Our Rock ’n’ Roll.

June 18: The Pixies played T. T. the Bear’s Place one last time, in a year that also saw the shuttering of Church, in the Fenway, and the Beachcomber, in Quincy.


Terror on Tape/Flickr

Our Late Fees.

June 30: Hollywood Express, Cambridge’s last holdout against Netflix, finally surrendered to the technology of the 21st century.


Photograph by Bob O’Connor

Our Shirts.

July 1: Louis Boston, a furious retail dream of tragically hip European couture, finally succumbed, five years after its ill-fated move from Newbury Street to the Seaport.


Wikimedia Commons

Our Olympic Dreams.

July 27: Good riddance to bid rubbish.


Photograph by Georgy Cohen

Our Voice.

August 9: Luxury condos killed the karaoke star when the venerable Do Re Mi went the way of the dodo.

American football


Our Balls.

September 16: We stood by Tom Brady for months, only to hear him say it would be “great” if Donald Trump became president. Really, Tom?



Our Dignity.

September 17: Somewhere out on the water, the Sunfish Bros managed to tank what little self-respect Snowpocalypse hadn’t already stripped away.


Photograph by Toan Trinh

Our Childhood.

November: Another piece of Weird Route 1 went extinct this year when Route 1 Mini Golf closed. The fate of its iconic orange dinosaur remains uncertain.