Video of Cape Cod Mailman Chased by Turkeys Goes Viral

'Every day.'

Welcome to Weirdest Thing of the Week, where…well, we point out weird things.

A Falmouth mail carrier has been having a rough few days on the job. So rough, in fact, that he has to carry around a pole to defend himself.

His attackers? A bunch of wild turkeys.

In video captured by the Cape Cod Wave in early December, this postman utters only two words, “Every day.” The video went viral this week, garnering 1.3 million views and counting. From the TODAY show and the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Americans seem to be getting a kick out of this postman’s struggle.

We commend this hard-working mail carrier as he continues to deliver our holiday cards and packages while under attack.


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