Police: Worcester Man Pulls Knife at Dunkin’ Donuts, Complains About Food

The disgruntled customer had an outstanding arrest warrant.

A knife-wielding man threatened employees of a Dunkin’ Donuts in Worcester after he was unsatisfied with his food Monday afternoon, police say.

Joseph A. Hannon, 29, went through the drive-thru before entering the restaurant several minutes later, waving around a folding knife and complaining about a mistake in his order, according to police. Hannon allegedly threatened the employees and one customer, police say.

Police tracked down Hannon inside his car at the nearby Lincoln Plaza, and charged him with three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and three counts of threatening to commit a crime. Police also recovered the knife, MassLive reports, and later found Hannon had an outstanding arrest warrant.

Hannon was arraigned in Central District Court Monday and held on $1,000 bail.