Danny Amendola’s Providence Neighbors Sure Do Hate His Carport

What's a Texas boy to do?

The carport outside Amendola's home. Photo via AP

The carport outside Amendola’s home. Photo via AP

Patriots wide-receiver Danny Amendola lives in a house built in 1774, in Providence’s College Hill Historic District. In the event of a snowstorm like the ones that walloped New England around this time last year, the Texas native erected a carport in his driveway to ensure he can get to practice in time. His fabulously well-to-do neighbors are not having it.

‘‘It’s a simple utilitarian structure, but if you had tons of these around the neighborhood, it would significantly detract from the historic quality and aesthetic appearance of the Benefit Street neighborhood,’’ Tim More, a 45-year resident of Amendola’s street, told the Associated Press. Another neighbor wondered why the Super Bowl champion doesn’t just “buy a $40 canvas to put over his car and rely on a neighbor with snow-removal equipment to dig him out.”

Amendola signed a five-year, $28.5 million deal with the Patriots in 2013. Carports like the one in his College Hill driveway typically retail around $2,000.

Given Bill Belichick’s notorious zero-tolerance policy for missed practices, a few complaints from the neighbors is the least of Amendola’s problems. Ask Jonas Gray, who ran for four touchdowns in one game last year, only to get benched the following week after his phone died and he slept through practice.

Amendola applied for and received permission from the town for the carport, which is supposed to come down in February (presumably after a Super Bowl 50 victory). Amendola declined to comment on the ordeal, telling the AP, ‘‘I’m not talking about that.’’

‘‘I hope that he’ll stay. This city needs celebrities,’’ neighbor Ray Rickman told the AP. ‘‘I think it’s cool. I think it would cooler if Tom Brady lived here. I would offer to help him shovel his snow.’’