Danny Amendola Defends That Carport His Providence Neighbors Hate

'I still need it, man.'

The carport outside Amendola's home. Photo via AP

The carport outside Amendola’s home. Photo via AP

The Associated Press ran a story last week on all the hubbub in Providence’s historic College Hill neighborhood, caused by a carport erected by New England Patriots wide-receiver Danny Amendola to keep his vehicle free of snow, lest he be late to practice. Though Amendola, 30, declined to comment on the AP’s story, the Texas native finally fired back at his neighbors during an appearance on WEEI’s Ordway, Merloni & Fauria.

“I still need it, man. I still need it,” Amendola said. “It’s legal, and it’s handy.”

Amendola said he got the carport from Collier Ports of New England, owner of this glorious late-90s homepage, animated American flag and all. Their carports come in a variety of COLORS, and Bob and Vivian are big fans.

Colliers Ports of New England

“What you should’ve done is, you should’ve put a Patriots logo on one side, and like a Providence College logo in neon on the other side, and they would’ve adored it. They would’ve thought you were just celebrating the sports teams,” co-host Glenn Ordway said.

“Huh,” replied an unamused Amendola, concluding the interview. He has permission from the city to keep the carport up until February, which he intends to do.