Gov. Charlie Baker Makes Bet with Missouri Governor on Patriots Game

Thank goodness Mayor Marty Walsh is sitting this one out.

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

The Patriots have had no shortage of distractions heading into their first round matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs, from head coach Bill Belichick’s mysterious black eye (When asked how it happened, he responded, “Great”), to whatever’s going on with defensive end Chandler Jones. Now, there are baked goods riding on this.

Gov. Charlie Baker made a “bipartisan bet” with Missouri’s Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, on Thursday. If the Patriots win this Saturday, Nixon will donate ribs from Gates BBQ in Kansas City. But if the Chiefs emerge victorious, Baker will send over some Boston crème pie cupcakes from Springfield’s Koffee Kup Bakery, recently named the official cupcake of Massachusetts. The spoils will be donated to a local food pantry of the winning governor’s choice.

“With the benefit of home field advantage and the luck of the Commonwealth’s official cupcakes, the Patriots are bound to continue their record of success,” Baker said in a statement. “I’m confident that we can expect a great game and some tasty Kansas City ribs from Governor Nixon when we win.”

Nixon saw fit to throw a Deflategate barb into what was supposed to be a friendly wager.

“There has been no hotter team in the NFL over the past 11 weeks than the Kansas City Chiefs – coincidentally, a streak that began right before Royals made it to the World Series,” Nixon said. “There are many reasons the Chiefs will beat the Patriots, especially a swarming pass defense that will put more than enough pressure on Tom Brady if he tries to air the ball out.”


Perhaps it’s best that Baker did the betting this time, as his pal Mayor Marty Walsh hasn’t exactly had the best luck with sports wagers. When Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos bounced the Pats in 2014, Walsh was forced to don the orange crush.

When the Montreal Canadiens eliminated the Bruins in a Game 7 heartbreaker later that year, Walsh flew the tiniest Habs flag he could find over City Hall Plaza. And since the Canadiens embarrassed a lifeless Bruins squad at this year’s Winter Classic, Walsh must now say 10 nice things about the city of Montreal.

Luckily, with Walsh sitting this one out, no one will be forced scrounge around for 10 nice things to say about Kansas City.