The New Hampshire Lottery’s FanDuel Parody Is Fantastic

More hairy men in tight pants than you could ever want.

The New Hampshire Lottery has fired up a new ad campaign taking aim at FanDuel and Boston-based DraftKings.

The 30-second TV spot and 90-second YouTube clip present the nation’s first state lottery as an alternative to the daily fantasy sports giants and in turn, “stress[ing] over a game involving large, hairy men wearing really tight pants.” One man claims to have thrown a brick through his flatscreen in a testimonial reminiscent of those featured in those ubiquitous FanDuel ads, while another says he saw his family on a Sunday for the first time in months.

Then there’s this:

New Hampshire Lottery ad

The new ads were New Hampshire Lottery executive director Charlie McIntyre’s idea and produced by Manchester’s GYK Antler, according to Maura McCann, the lottery’s director of marketing.

“Charlie McIntyre charged them with coming up with anti-FanDeul, anti-DraftKings creative, and that’s what they came back to us with. The production was done right here in New Hampshire,” McCann tells Boston. “With the great success of the home team, the New England Patriots and the energy that’s surrounding everything, we thought it was an opportunity to create some fun and creative humor between the two entities.”

“We are poking a bit of fun at them,” McCann laughed.

The 30-second spot is currently running on WMUR and WBIN during pre– and post-game broadcasts.

[h/t Jeff Israel]