There Might Have Been a Dog-Napping in Somerville

People steal dogs?

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Photo provided by Jean Spivak, owner

Photo provided by Jean Spivak

Two Pomeranians have been reported stolen as of Tuesday evening.

According to police, the dogs were taken from a Somerville home on Tuesday just before 7 p.m. The two black and white pups go by Cleopatra and Caesar. They’re 3 and 4 years old.

In a post on, owners Olga and Chris Spivak write, “Cleopatra and Caesar are so dear to our hearts. They are our only love as we do not have any children.”

In an e-mail, Jean Spivak explained someone broke into her son’s home through a side window, taking only two rings and the dogs.

“There is video from a surveillance camera showing a man walking away from our condo with a small black and white dog in his coat,” she wrote.

It’s unclear what type of cruel individual would steal not one, but two pets, but Somerville police and animal control are asking anyone with information about the dogs (or the dog-napper) to call 917-880-2104 or 917-817-7369.

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Image courtesy of Missing Dogs Massachusetts


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