Abandoned Virgin Islands Rescue Dog Finds a Home in Massachusetts

And he's already a Pats fan.

Courtesy Photo via Facebook

Courtesy Photo via Facebook

Moose, an abandoned rescue dog from the Virgin Islands, has found a home in Massachusetts after spending the last five years in a shelter.

Moose, a six-year-old pitbull mix, gained national attention after a volunteer at the Animal Care Center of St. John made him a Facebook page last summer in hopes of finding him a family. Moose had seen more than 160 dogs adopted before him in his 1,628 days at the shelter, and was beginning to show signs of stress from being around other dogs for such a prolonged period of time.

The staff at the ACC worked to make Moose more adoptable, taking him on hikes, enrolling him in obedience training at Paradise Paws of St. Thomas, and posting photos on Facebook asking, “Why doesn’t anybody want me?”

Courtesy photo via Facebook

Courtesy photo via Facebook

Moose’s story found its way to Last Hope K9 Rescue of Boston, who found an interested family in the Burkes of East Bridgewater. Another family who had adopted several dogs from the ACC in the past, the Riggis, donated private airfare and limousine service for Moose.

“My family and I are beyond excited to be bringing Moose into our home. I have been following his story on Facebook since August but the timing wasn’t quite right then,” Christine Burke said in a release. The family’s 14-year-old pitbull mix Tasha had recently passed away. “When I saw in December that Moose was coming to Massachusetts, I just knew it was meant to be.”

Moose’s limo got stuck in the snow this past weekend, but according to his Facebook page, a Good Samaritan stopped and helped them along. The pup even got nifty Patriots jacket to help him adjust to the frostier climes.

Did someone say blizzard. #whatisallthiswhitestuff

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Here’s hoping Moose likes snow, as he name would suggest.