Tom Brady Admits Shaving His Furry Ankles in New NFL ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Video

Bill Belichick wants you think about your Pop-Tart.

“Bad Lip Reading” released the first part of its 2016 NFL compilation Tuesday, and boy, is it chock full o’ Tom Brady and Bill Belichick gems.

Early on, Brady astutely notes that “Florida, Florida is where Disney World is.” Later, he asks his teammates seated on the bench, “Why do you gotta into the bathroom?”

“I used to shave my furry ankles to win games. It wasn’t that fun, you moron. Don’t ever do that,” the Patriots quarterback snarls. Perhaps this is what he’s been hiding under those Uggs.

“Think about your Pop-Tart. Go to the basket,” Belichick says. “You get what I mean.”

Some other highlights:

  • Carolina Panthers tight-end Greg Olsen: “It’s gonna be fun playing the orphans this summer.”
  • Boston College alum and Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan: “C-c-c-c-cocaine.”
  • Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson: “I had a Chinese friend.”
  • New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning: [indiscernible]

Here’s hoping this means more debate dubs are down the pipeline as well.