Elizabeth Warren Declines (Again) to Endorse in the Democratic Primary

Maybe after the Iowa caucuses, she hinted.

Elizabeth Warren is still keeping mum.

The senator maintained her longstanding neutrality in the 2016 presidential election on Monday when she declined, yet again, to endorse a candidate in the Democratic primary.

While attending an open house in Springfield, Warren told reporters, “Not today,” when asked if she would endorse a candidate in the primary, although she did tease the press with a “We’ll see” comment when asked about endorsing a candidate after the Iowa caucuses.

“I look at the Republican debates and the difference between what they’re doing and what the Democrats are doing really shows who’s on whose side,” Warren said according to MassLive.

In long run-up to the 2016 election cycle, Warren repeatedly declared that she herself would not seek the Democratic nomination, much to the disappointment of progressive activists who mounted a Draft Warren movement. With the Democratic primary now a neck-and-neck race, Warren is now in the enviable position of liberal kingmaker, as President Obama is not endorsing in the race. Of course, Warren could be in the running as a vice presidential candidate, too.

Thus far, however, she is the only Democratic female senator who has not endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Of the 44 Democratic senators, 39 have endorsed the former First Lady, and even Warren’s Massachusetts counterpart, Sen. Ed Markey, quietly endorsed Clinton in October. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has not received the endorsement of any of his fellow senators.

Clinton edged out Sanders in the Iowa caucuses by just .3 percent on Monday.

At the Springfield event, Warren stuck to her “The game is rigged” talking points when asked about Clinton’s close ties to Wall Street.

“This is a rigged game and it’s rigged because Wall Street makes sure that in every decision that gets made, they’re there. They make sure they’ve got their lobbyists and their lawyers so that everything tilts just a little bit more in their direction. This is what I’m fighting every day in the United States Senate,” Warren said.