Ernie Boch Jr.: Voting Is Like Picking a Girl to Go Home with at 2 a.m.

'If you’re single, you understand this.'

Screenshot via RawStory

Screenshot via RawStory

Local car dealership giant Ernie Boch Jr. has offered a less-than-eloquent defense of Republican presidential candidate and Iowa caucus runner-up, Donald Trump.

In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo Thursday morning, Boch compared the civic duty of voting to a desperation move at last call.

“It’s 2 o’clock in the morning and there’s a few girls at the bar. You have to go home with one of ’em,” Boch said. “So you have to pick who you’re with, and I think Mr. Trump is the best qualified.”

When Cuomo tried to make sense of this pervy, patriarchal metaphor, Boch claimed he was misunderstood.

“If you’re single, you understand this. It’s the end of the night, you want to go home with somebody. The bar is about to close. You have to pick somebody. You have to pick somebody,” Boch went on. “You have to stand behind somebody. If you line up all of the candidates with their positives and negatives, I think Mr. Trump is the man.”

“So you’re saying he’s the least worst decision that you could make if you were in the final moments of having to make one?” Cuomo said. “That’s what you’re saying?”

“I’m not saying that. I want people to understand that you have to pick somebody. You have to. A lot of people are saying, ‘I don’t like anybody. I’m not voting.’ You can’t do that. You have to vote. You have to pick somebody,” Boch said.

Boch hosted a rally for Trump at his sprawling Norwood estate in August, attracting roughly 1,000 like-minded supporters, a few former Patriots, and a fair share of protesters. No word on who went home with whom at 2 a.m.