New Chris Christie Ad Forgets Boston Marathon Bombing Happened

A pro-Christie super PAC ad suggests the San Bernardino attacks were the only terrorist attack in US since 9/11.

A new television ad airing in the Boston market from the pro-Chris Christie super PAC America Leads spends 60 seconds showcasing a speech from the New Jersey governor recalling his experience on September 11, 2001.

It was a harrowing day for Christie. At the time, his wife, Mary Pat, was working at the World Trade Center and for several hours that day he assumed the worst. Hours passed before he finally heard that his wife was OK.

“I know the fear of loss,” says Christie, speaking from a December town hall in Bedford, New Hampshire that featured Maine Gov. Paul LePage.

It’s an ad that touches the emotional side of national security, a major issue that has been elevated to top of the list of major concerns for Republican primary voters this cycle. In the ad, Christie says he’s concerned that Americans have become complacent about national security.

“We’ve gone all these years up until San Bernardino without another attack,” says Christie in the ad.

Wait, what?

Yeah, that’s right. Christie overlooked the Boston Marathon attacks and skipped right to what happened in San Bernardino in early December. Whether it was a slip of the tongue or a memory lapse, Christie still managed to overlook a very recent terrorist attack in New Hampshire’s backyard. Christie’s complete remarks from the ad can be found here without editing.

In the unedited portion of the speech used for the ad, Christie references the San Bernardino and Paris attacks, but does not touch on the Boston Marathon attacks.

“The fact is, we need to do everything we need to do to protect this country and keep its people safe,” Christie says to the Bedford crowd featured in the ad.

Emails to both the Christie campaign and America Leads seeking comment on the new ad were not returned.

Watch the new ad below: