Bernie Sanders Prepares for New Hampshire Victory Speech With a Little Basketball

The 74-year-old can still ball.

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary Tuesday night, routing his opponent Hillary Clinton in nearly every demographic: men, women, Millennials, gun owners, non-gun owners, those with college degrees, those without. It was a historic moment; for the first time in our nation’s history, a non-Christian (in Sanders’ case, a secular Jew) won a primary, roughly one week after a woman and a Latino won the Iowa caucus for the first time.

And how did Sanders prepare for his victory speech? Hitting a few dozen bank-shots in a Concord gymnasium with his sons and grandkids.

Bernie Sanders Basketball

Sanders can be seen setting up shop in the paint, and my my, is that a fade-away? An incredulous Megyn Kelly of Fox News, watching this spectacle unfold, asked, “Is this, like, some kind of a joke? He’s making every single one!” A voice off-screen replied, “He’s from Brooklyn.”

When asked by CNN’s Chris Cuomo during an Iowa town hall last month, Sanders said he was a “pretty good” athlete.“I was pretty good basketball player,” he said. “My elementary school in Brooklyn won the borough championship—hardly worth mentioning, but we did.”

Sanders’ friend Huck Gutman told The Guardian in October that upon moving to Vermont in the mid-1960s, the would-be Burlington mayor would play basketball weekly at a Catholic church, usually as center. “He was an assertive player,” he said. “He wanted the ball and he wanted to take the shots. But not overly-assertive. I’d say he was a better shooter than rebounder.”


Photos from the New Hampshire Primaries