Drone Captures Dramatic Flooding at Peggotty Beach in Scituate

Winter storm Mars didn't bring that much snow to Boston, but the flooding along the coast was pretty severe.

Peggotty Beach

Flooding on Peggotty Beach in Scituate by Peter Miles

The snow from this week’s snowstorm may have underperformed, but the high tides and stormy seas did not.

During the storm, Peter Miles flew a drone at high tide over Peggotty Beach in Scituate, capturing dramatic footage of the Atlantic Ocean crashing over the beach and pouring into a neighboring parking lot. The lot was mostly empty, minus some excavation equipment and a poorly placed Jeep Liberty. Many of the homes in the video appeared to be vacant at the time of the flooding.

Fortunately, all of the houses that line Peggotty Beach are elevated on stilts to some degree, allowing water to pass underneath when the tide is at an unusually high level.

Watch below: