The Bruins’ St. Patrick’s Day Jerseys Are so Ugly

Boston sports teams have an appalling tradition of wearing hideous St. Patricks' Day uniforms.

Bruins Jersey 1

GQ once ranked Boston as the worst-dressed city in the country. The Bruins are doing all they can to help uphold that embarrassing label.

The B’s unveiled their St. Patrick’s Day jerseys Wednesday, and man, they’re very…green? And very plaid. Basically, they look like an Irish kilt fit onto a hockey sweater, which we’re guessing is not going to be a trend that sweeps the nation.

These bad boys sell for $149.99—yes, $149.99—in the Bruins’ official team store. And worst of all, the B’s don’t even play on St. Patrick’s Day this year. They’re in action on March 15 and March 18. St. Paddy’s Day is on the 17th.

Perhaps due to Boston’s enormous Irish population—the most highly concentrated in the country for a city, in fact—our beloved sports teams often feel the need to wear eyesore St. Patrick’s Day uniforms. The Celtics were widely condemned two years ago when they unveiled their special St. Paddy’s Day apparel, complete with sleeves and a gold waist band.

The Red Sox, who never miss a superfluous marketing opportunity, also wear bright green jerseys every year during Spring Training to celebrate the holiday. (Or, more accurately, make a mockery of it.)

But no matter how bad these commemorative St. Patrick’s Day uniforms are, at least they’re not as offensive as the Celtics’ grey “Parquet Pride” collection, which honored the parquet floor (specifically, notable Celtics moments that occurred on that floor, but still: the floor). Never let a commemorative jersey opportunity pass you by, teams. Nothing will probably ever top that embarrassment, though the Bruins are making an effort.