A Goat’s Visit to a Home Depot Parking Lot

The animal enjoyed the comforts of a parked Toyota.

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Ashley Robertson’s Sunday consisted of a few errands. She had to pick up a goat from a farmer seeking to give it a new home, and grab a toilet gasket from Home Depot in Oxford, Massachusetts.

John Miller also had to run an errand at Home Depot last Sunday. But as he was hopping in his car to leave, he noticed moving horns in a nearby Toyota.

The horns belonged to Robertson’s goat. And it was sitting in the front seat of the vehicle.

“I was in complete shock, and I was amazed,” Miller told the Boston Globe.

Only at Home Depot in Oxford Massachusetts

Posted by John Miller on Sunday, February 21, 2016


He took out his phone, recorded the event, and proceeded to post the video on Facebook. As of February 25, the video had more than 120,000 views.

Soon after Miller’s video went viral, Ashley Robertson sent him a message:

Hi John, the video you posted of the goat in the van was my van!☺️glad it entertained you lol you’d probably be even more entertained to know he turned on my hazard lights, wipers, drank an old cup of McD’s soda, ate a nutty bar and its wrapper then proceeded to poop on my drivers seat! And, of course I didn’t even realize it and sat in it! Glad my new fur kid could make your day ☺️ And I was only in home depot for ten minutes to get a toilet gasket

Robertson told the Globe the goat was never in any danger, but she didn’t have an alternative solution.

“I’m pretty sure I couldn’t take him in the store,” she said.