Watch Celtics Coach Brad Stevens Dunk

(With a little help.)

Via Twitter

Via Twitter

Celtics coach Brad Stevens showed off his hops this weekend with a dunk at practice. Granted, the former Butler coach had a little help from a trampoline stationed at the foul line, but these are minor details.

At first blush, Stevens, 39, doesn’t boast the same sort of sailing, full-stride panache as a Michael Jordan or Dr. J. Forgoing a vintage Vince Carter 360 or a Connie Hawkins slam, Stevens’ jam more closely resembles Wilt Chamberlain’s dunk from the seminal GameCube classic, NBA Street Vol. 2.

Wilt Chamberlain

After the dunk, Stevens offered a high-five to a fast-approaching child, who appears to chop-block him in the ‘nads. No respect for the Celtics coach.

[h/t Henry McKenna]