Bernie Sanders Won Methuen by One Vote

Don't ever say your vote doesn't matter.

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign suffered a staggering blow on Super Tuesday, losing Massachusetts—a predominantly white, progressive state squarely in his wheelhouse—to his opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

With 96.92 percent of precincts reporting Wednesday morning, Clinton bested Sanders, 50.3 percent to 48.5, according to the Globe. The race was closer in some towns and cities than it was in others. Sanders walloped Clinton by 33 points in deeply liberal Amherst, while Clinton edged out her opponent by just 20 votes in Acushnet.

In Methuen, the difference was one vote. One. With all 12 of its precincts reporting, Sanders defeated Clinton there, 3,409 to 3,408. The search to find the scale-tipper in the “r/SandersForPresident” subreddit turned into a tongue-in-cheek Spartacus situation.

“I tried to vote in Boston today because I’ve been living there temporarily, realized I couldn’t vote because I don’t live there officially. So I went back to Methuen to vote,” one user commented. “I AM THE CHOSEN ONE.”

Nationwide, Sanders won his home state of Vermont, along with Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Colorado, while Clinton captured Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.