Ernie Boch Jr. on Electing Trump: ‘It’s Only Four Years!’

Technically? Not wrong.

Screenshot via RawStory

Screenshot via RawStory

Massachusetts auto magnate Ernie Boch Jr. has once again offered his case for Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, and once again, we’re not sure if we follow.

Boch, a longtime admirer of Trump, went on Fox Business to stump for the man comedian Louis C.K. compared to Adolf Hitler earlier this week. “It’s only four years! Let’s give him a shot,” he said.

Last month, Boch appeared on CNN and compared voting for Trump to picking up a drunk girl at a bar at 2 a.m. “It’s 2 o’clock in the morning and there’s a few girls at the bar. You have to go home with one of ’em,” Boch said. “So you have to pick who you’re with, and I think Mr. Trump is the best qualified.”

Boch previously held a rally for Trump at his sprawling mansion in Norwood, attracting 1,000 like-minded supporters, a few former Patriots, and a fair share of protesters. Despite both men denying the event was a fundraiser, signs around the estate asked for all checks to be made payable to Trump’s campaign.