Reddit User Claims to Have Snuck Into Government Center, Posts Photos

Sweet Scollay Square sign.

I managed to sneak into the Government Center construction site without being noticed by the construction workers tonight.

Government Center station is expected to open later this month after a two-year renovation that, despite a hiccup or two, will be completed both on-schedule and on-budget. But for one person, the anticipation was simply too much to bear, and all that gleaming white tile, too tantalizing to resist.

Reddit user foxy_on_a_longboard claims to have snuck into the unfinished MBTA stop, avoiding detection by construction workers and later posting an album of photos from the caper on Imgur.

Some of the photos are blurrier than others, but arguably the coolest part is the old “SCOLLAY UNDER” sign near what appears to be the station’s entrance. And there’s trace of the telltale orange and fuchsia of a Dunkin Donuts hut, present in the station’s past incarnation.

A spokesperson for the MBTA said the Reddit post has been passed along to the project team and Transit Police.

“MBTA Transit Police will be reaching out this individual to learn more about his/her recent visit,” Joe Pesaturo told Boston via email. “The station is an active construction site, and there is no reason anyone should be entering the enclosed area which is circled by a security fence, including chained gates.”

Gov. Charlie Baker will be present for the ribbon-cutting at Government Center slated for March 21.