Man Destroys Building with Excavator for Reasons Unclear

'We’re not sure what the motivation was.'

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Photo provided by Franklin Police Department

Photo provided by Franklin Police Department

Commotion in Franklin, New Hampshire, on Monday left authorities with one important question: Why?

They were called to the scene of a damaged commercial building after receiving a report of someone smashing into the building with an excavator, according to Manchester’s WMUR. But why the suspect, Jordan Ingram, decided to tear apart the building is unclear.

“We’re not sure what the motivation was, but for some reason he got in the excavator and started tearing it down,” Sgt. Dan Poirier told “Nobody wanted the building torn down.”

Ingram reportedly works with his mother, who owns a demolition business. According to Poirier, Ingram’s mother was looking into buying the building that he destroyed. The building is now condemned.

Ingram was picked up by police on the same day when his car was spotted on I-85 in New London, New Hampshire. He’s facing charges of reckless conduct and criminal mischief, and will appear in Franklin District Court for arraignment on Tuesday.

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