Dairy Queen to Nearly Triple Locations in Massachusetts

The home of the Blizzard plans a major Bay State expansion.

The home of the Blizzard could soon expand its presence in the home of regular ol’ blizzards.

Dairy Queen, owned by billion Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, is eyeing a massive expansion of 60 new locations over the next five years, including 33 franchises in Massachusetts.

“We go where the consumers want our products,” Jim Kerr, a vice president at International Dairy Queen, told the Globe. “I think it’s safe to say, there’s going to be a blizzard of Dairy Queens there.” Kerr added that while the expansion isn’t final, the Minneapolis-based ice cream chain is considering properties in Stoughton, Peabody, Burlington, Billerica, Plymouth, Worcester, and Amherst.

There are 6,700 Dairy Queen locations in 27 countries, yet still none in Vermont. This new expansion will aim to change that. Franchisees typically invest between $1 million and $2 million in their locations, DQ told the Globe.