Charlton Police Warn of Men Trying to Start Rap Battles with Passersby

Be on the lookout.

Photo via Charlton Police

Photo via Charlton Police

Police are looking for more information on several unidentified men who tried initiating a rap battle in the mean streets of Charlton, located roughly 20 minutes outside Worcester.

A black SUV carrying two or three men in their late-teens or early 20s pulled up alongside three young, teenage boys around 3 p.m. on Saturday, police said. One of the men—described as pale, with brown hair, gray shirt and gray pants, and open-toed sandals—exited the SUV and “began asking they boys if they wanted to ‘spit some bars’ (Rap lingo) [sic].”

The boys declined, and away the men went.

“Although this was suspicious behavior and frightening to the boys, nothing made this appear to be an attempted abduction,” police said on Facebook. A follow-up investigation is underway.

“The fact that this is being investigated is absurd,” one commenter said.

“We take it seriously when a parent is concerned for their child’s safety. And though it may not amount to a crime this time, it does amount to a quality-of-life issue,” police replied.

Anyone with information on these aspiring rappers in groutfits are encouraged to call Charlton police at (508) 248-2250.