The Herald Is Now 0-For-2 in Republican Presidential Endorsements

They're due!

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, once dubbed the “Republican savior” by TIME magazine, suspended his presidential campaign Tuesday night after a distant second-place finish in his home state’s primary to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

With his exit, the Boston Herald is now 0-for-2 in GOP endorsements in 2016.

The tabloid first backed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who mug has been plastered across the front page of the New York Daily News this week for skipping the funeral of a 31-year-old state trooper slain in the line of duty to “interview” Trump on the campaign trail. (Remember, while Trump covers the cost of Christie’s cross-country galavanting, N.J. taxpayers still foot the bill for the lardy lickspittle’s state police detail.)

When Christie’s bid stalled like a Fort Lee-bound car on the George Washington Bridge, and the Bruce Springsteen fanboy endorsed Trump, the Herald called a mulligan and endorsed noted Tom Brady hater, Rubio.

“Throughout his career Rubio has proved his conservative but practical bona fides. In Massachusetts, we have a special fondness for elected officials who remain firm in their convictions, but who see the wisdom in working with their ideological counterparts,” the Herald‘s editorial board wrote. “If voters can see past their anger to understand the importance of that approach, and the generational significance of the candidate who espouses it, the choice of Marco Rubio will be an easy one.”

As it turned out, GOP voters couldn’t see past their anger, and overwhelmingly voted for Trump by more than 18 points.

So who will the Herald‘s editorial board plant a wet kiss of death on next? Ascendent nice guy Jon Kasich, who’s enjoyed all but a formal endorsement from anti-Trump crusader Mitt Romney as of late? Harvard Law alum Sen. Ted Cruz? Or will the Herald finally throw up its ink-stained hands and join the Trump bandwagon?