Someone Made a Montage of MBTA Doors Closing, Because Why Not

We don't know what we expected either.

Depending on where you’re standing, the closing of doors on an MBTA train can either represent forward progress, albeit incremental, toward your destination, or an onerous avoirdupois of utter despair, brusquely reminding you that you are merely a passenger in this Universe, subject to the whims of forces much greater than you, and wholly indifferent.

Thanks to some kind Internet stranger, you can relive this two-second phenomenon, free of any fare hike. Above is a montage of doors closing on MBTA buses and trains. That’s it. It is beautiful.

The nearly seven-year-old video, just over a minute long, resurfaced Wednesday when Reddit user yourmom2000 posted it to r/boston. It features sliding doors, accordion doors, slowly closing doors, rapidly closing doors, doors that close symmetrically, doors that close a little on one side before the other, noisy doors, quiet doors, doors that close on their own, doors that close with a little help from T personnel in fluorescent vests, and Lego doors. We do not know why there are Lego doors included in this montage.

This shot from above of a door closing on the Orange Line has a haunting, almost voyeuristic quality.

orange line

The montage ends with a shot of the front door of a Green Line trolley closing before departing an unidentified location. Frank Oglesby‘s booming voice can be heard over the PA system: “The destination of this train is…” His voice cuts out as the scene fades to black. There is no destination. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains.

[h/t David Harris]