Watch Elizabeth Warren Dodge Every Question in Awkward Interview

Our senior senator has mastered the art of avoiding reporters' questions.

Screencap of Elizabeth Warren on CBS This Morning

Screencap of Elizabeth Warren on CBS This Morning

Senator Elizabeth Warren is notorious for ducking the media. Whether she’s sneaking through the halls of the U.S. Capitol or ducking out the backdoor of an event in Massachusetts, Warren has mastered the art of avoiding reporters’ questions whenever possible. On Thursday, the national liberal icon took it to another level when she managed to dodge every question asked of her during an interview on CBS.

In her interview on CBS This Morning, Warren struggled to say whether or not she supports President Barack Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy, Judge Merrick Garland. Instead of saying, “I’m not sure. I need to look more closely at this before making a decision,” Warren avoided even saying she didn’t have an answer yet in favor of chastising Republicans for refusing to hold hearings about Garland’s nomination:

Charlie Rose: “Are you enthusiastic in your support of Judge Garland?”

Elizabeth Warren: “You know, the way I think of this, filling a Supreme Court vacancy is one of the most solemn tasks undertaken by this government. This isn’t supposed to be a circus. The president has done his constitutional duty, he has sent us a nominee, and now it is our job in the United States Senate to hold hearings, to examine his credentials, and then have a vote on him. That’s what the Constitution calls for.”

Rose: “With respect Senator, the question I asked was will you support Judge Garland?”

Warren: “That’s the whole point right now, is that we want Judge Garland to come over. I want to meet with him, I want to look at his credentials. I want to see him perform in a hearing, and then I want to be able to have a vote on him. That’s what advise and consent means. It’s not supposed to be some kind of crazy political process. Senator Toomey, the Republican from Pennsylvania, said, ‘Well, if he had been nominated by a Republican’ then yes, he’d be willing to consider him, but not since he had been nominated by President Obama. This has really taken off in a direction that is a direct insult to the president, a direct insult to the Constitution, and now it is a direct insult to Judge Garland.

Warren was even more vague when asked about endorsing in the Democratic presidential primary, something the local press has hounded Gov. Charlie Baker about even though his influence in a national primary is nowhere near what Warren’s is.

Norah O’Donnell: “All of your female Democratic senators have endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton. You have not yet made an endorsement. Will you do it before the convention?”

Warren: “I don’t have a timeline for this, but I gotta tell you, watching what has been going on the Democratic side really makes me prouder to be a Democrat. We’ve been out there talking about the issues, both Hillary and Bernie, about how it is that young people are going to get an education without being crushed by student loan debt, how we can better rein in Wall Street, how we can have trade deals that don’t just leave workers in the dirt—

O’Donnell: “You know your lack of an endorsement at this stage has raised some questions. Let me ask you this; do you believe that Senator Clinton should release the transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs?”

Warren: “Look, I think that our candidates are out doing what they should do in a primary. They are debating the issues—”

O’Donnell: “You’re not answering my question, Senator.”

Warren: “What I’m doing is I’m telling you what I think should be going on right now in this election.”

O’Donnell: “It’s a yes or no question. Should she release the transcripts or not?”

Warren:”What I told you is I think the primaries are doing what they should be doing and the candidates are being tested.”

Gayle King: “What will it take for you to make an endorsement of either candidate?”

Warren: “I don’t have a timeline.”

King: “What more do you need to hear?”

Warren: “What I’m glad to see is what is happening right now, and that is that the Democrats are out talking about the issues. I think it makes it very distinct what happens between our side and what is happening over on the other side.”

Don’t take our word for it. Watch the entire painful interaction between Warren and the CBS hosts below.