Here Are Boston’s Puppies in Honor of National Puppy Day

Boston's finest puppies strut their stuff on this important national holiday.

Photo byJonathan Kozowyk/ Courtesy of Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog

Photo byJonathan Kozowyk/ Courtesy of Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog

Some days, you just want to look at pictures of puppies on the Internet. And if you’re someone who agrees with that sentiment, today is your lucky day. It’s National Puppy Day, which for mysterious reasons does not seem to involve a day off from work. In honor of this momentous holiday, here are a bunch of pictures of Boston’s puppies. And if you’d like to do more than just look at puppies, might we suggest a visit or a donation to the MSPCA or the Animal Rescue League? Just a thought.

Lua’s bodyguard. Guarda-costas da Lua.

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“Cruising with my daddy.” #northshoreberner #bernesemountaindog #wrx #subaru #puppiesofboston

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Happy #nationalpuppyday! Here’s a picture of me from my first week at home with my mom and dad!

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Hello, welcome to my blanket igloo.

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Mom! I hate these booties! GET THEM OFF!

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Binky smiles! #tongueouttuesday

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#nationalpuppyday #tbt to when this little monster loved to ham it up for any camera.

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Miss Sofie heard it was #nationalpuppyday and is not messing around!! #girlboss #puppyboss #cuteness #princesspup

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