MBTA Is Getting Rid of That Annoying ‘Pay Your Fare’ Announcement

Following the backlash from angry riders.

Green Line Photo By Olga Khvan

Green Line Photo By Olga Khvan

Well, that was quick: The MBTA revealed on Wednesday that it plans to get rid of that annoying message urging riders to pay their fares.

The pre-recorded “pay your fare, it’s only fair” announcement was only activated last weekend, but quickly drew the ire of regular commuters who took issue with the noisy address constantly playing over the speakers at certain stops on the Green Line.

According to Boston.com, MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said that the T will no longer use the message, at least for the time being.

“It will take a few days to reprogram each trolley’s on-board system, but the announcement—as currently heard inside the cars—will be suspended while the T develops an alternative,” Pesaturo told Boston.com.

The agency began using the message in hopes of deterring riders from evading their fares, particularly at above-ground Green Line stations. However, the backlash from angry commuters on social media has forced the MBTA to find another way to remind riders to pay their fares.

The latest controversy comes at a bad time for the MBTA.

The New York Times recently ran a critical article about the agency after it cut late-night service on weekends. There’s also been talk of rolling back plans for the Green Line extension.

But hey, at least Government Center is finally open.