Union Leader Hates Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s Parody of Adele’s ‘Hello’

He was 'not amused.'

Mayor Marty Walsh Photo by Vimeo / Screenshot

Mayor Marty Walsh Photo by Vimeo / Screenshot

Mayor Marty Walsh’s recent parody video of Adele’s hit song “Hello” has ruffled the feathers of a local union leader.

According to the Boston Globe, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers vice president Michael P. Monahan expressed his displeasure with the skit in a strongly worded email to union members.

Monahan said he was “not amused” with the video and believes that the mayor was cozying up to Governor Charlie Baker, who holds staunch antiunion views. While it’s a pretty harmless parody, the union leader likely has an issue with is the fact that the skit centers around Walsh trying to repair his “bromance” with Gov. Baker.

“What man could ever lower himself to this level if he had an ounce of conviction in his body for our issues?” Monahan said in the email.

Monahan later told the Globe that, even though the skit was done in jest, he doesn’t think Walsh should be buddies with someone who doesn’t support unions, particularly after Baker’s recent proposal for the MBTA which would eliminate hundreds of union positions.

“I was extremely disappointed, frustrated, and embarrassed,” Monahan said. “This so-called union mayor has been silent—not a peep out of him—when just a couple of years ago he was running the building trades.”

The video, which debuted at Boston’s annual St. Patrick’s Day breakfast, is an impressive spoof of Adele’s popular music video. Walsh can be seen sipping on a Doughboy Coffee and donning a fur coat as he strolled through the Common in the skit.

The mayor said that doing the video doesn’t mean he’s not in support of the working class and that critics like Monahan shouldn’t take it so seriously.

“It was a lighthearted skit. It was a funny thing,” Walsh told the Globe. “That’s what the breakfast is all about. Let’s not take ourselves so seriously.”