Phillips Academy vs. Milton Academy

One educated Humphrey Bogart and George W. Bush; the other molded the fine minds of T. S. Eliot and Robert F. Kennedy. But which one has the better cafeteria food?

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From left: Photographs Courtesy of Phillips Academy and Milton Academy

Year Founded

Phillips Academy: 1778.
Milton Academy: 1798.

Boarding Tuition

Phillips Academy: $50,300.
Milton Academy: $53,330.

Colleges with Highest Number of Matriculations in 2015

Phillips Academy: University of Pennsylvania.
Milton Academy: Harvard.


Phillips Academy: “The end depends on the beginning” and “Not for self.”
Milton Academy: “Dare to be true.”

Luxe Amenities

Phillips Academy: Not one but two ice-skating rinks.
Milton Academy: A domed observatory in which to ponder the sky.

On the Menu

Phillips Academy: Chicken tikka masala and grilled naan.
Milton Academy: Slow-cooked brown-sugar-apple-cider-glazed brisket.

Campus Rivalry

Phillips Academy: Andover-Exeter weekend, an epic football showdown dating from 1878.
Milton Academy: Milton-Nobles Day, an epic football showdown dating from 1886.

Notable Tradition

Phillips Academy: Head of School Day, wherein the head of school trots through the commons toting a squash racket to announce an unplanned day off.
Milton Academy: The last person to receive his or her diploma at graduation is presented with a Milton athletic sock filled with quarters.

*** WINNER ***

South Shore. That sock is the only thing standing between your little genius and Harvard.

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