A Lot of Meat Was Found on the Side of the Road in New Hampshire

Chicken? Steak? Pork? Take your pick.

Welcome to Weirdest Thing of the Week, where…well, we point out weird things.

On a series of roads in Epping, New Hampshire, packages of meat were found about every 200 feet.

Drumsticks, sausage, chicken, Angus steaks, pork chops, and even venison were spotted. Residents notified police of the raw meat trail (or meat street, perhaps?) on Sunday, according to the Union Leader.

Epping police captain Jason Newman said an estimated 30 to 40 packages of meat were dumped. They appear to have been thrown out of a moving vehicle.

“I was horrified by the amount of meat that was just discarded all over the place,” resident Jude David told the Leader. “We’re not talking a small package. There was a lot of product.”

Where the meat trail originated was difficult to identify because many labels had been ripped off, according to Newman. A few packages did, however, retain labels from a local store.

The store has not been named, as police are still investigating the mystery meat. Police say they haven’t identified a motive for the creation of the meat street.

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