Looks Like Government Center Is Already Leaking

The station's new, but the tunnel walls? Not so much.

Photo by Garrett Quinn

Photo by Garrett Quinn

Just three weeks after the MBTA unveiled its $90 million, newly renovated Government Center station, it appears the transit hub has sprung a few leaks.

That pesky early April snow has melted, seeping down through the sidewalk and onto the Blue Line platform below. Fortunately, it isn’t affecting train service, the MBTA said, and buckets have been deployed.

“Waterproofing sealant material will be installed as the project engineer continues to evaluate the situation,” MBTA general manager Frank DePaola said in a statement. DePaola told WBZ-TV that waterproof sealant may need to be used, as Government Center’s “100 year old main tunnel walls and roofs are still in place.”

The station reopened on March 21 to much fanfare—more accurately, violin covers of Top 40—following a two-year renovation that finished on-budget and ahead of schedule.