MBTA Transit Police Need Help Naming This Belgian Puppy

Any ideas?

Photo via MBTA Transit Police

Photo via MBTA Transit Police

MBTA Transit Police needs your help.

The department is looking for a name for the newest member of its K-9 unit, a spry little Belgian Malinois who appears as bemused by April snow as we all are. Before it undergoes training, MBTA Transit Police wants riders to give him a name.

Several people on Twitter have suggested naming the pup “Mr. Spaghetti.” Others, unable to resist a jab at the MBTA, have suggested “Moderate Delays.”

Some are calling for the dog to be named after Sgt. Dic Donohue, who’s retiring from MBTA Transit Police this year as a result of injuries sustained in the a shootout with the Boston Marathon bombers in 2013.

So, any ideas?