Donald Trump Calls Boston Globe ‘Stupid,’ ‘Worthless’

'Sold for a dollar.'

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the Boston Globe‘s satirical front page, which depicted Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump presiding over a country in shambles, just one year into the future.

Predictably, Trump was among those less than impressed.

“How about that stupid Boston Globe,” Trump said at a rally in Rochester, New York on Sunday. “It’s worthless, sold for a dollar.”

The New York Times Company purchased the Globe for $1.1 billion in 1993, before flipping it at a considerable loss in 2013 to Red Sox principal owner John Henry for $70 million. As per usual, accuracy has eluded the Republican candidate—the weekday Globe sells for between $1.50 and $2, while the Sunday edition will set you back $3.50.

“Did you see that story?” Trump said, before launching in the third-person. “The whole front page, they made up a story that Trump, they pretended Trump is the president.”

Once again, less than factual. The page ran on the front of the Globe‘s opinion section, not the front of the entire paper. A feature on which words people use when they’re being arrested was the lead story.

“The whole front page is a make-believe story, which is really no different from the whole paper, the whole thing. I mean the whole thing is made up,” Trump went on. “And I think they’re having a big backlash on that one.”