Look at These Hundreds of Seals Loafing on a Cape Cod Beach

'It’s an infinite forever stretch of seals.'

This is a seal’s world. We are merely living in it.

While harbor seals slowly reclaim the Charles River pier by pier, hundreds and hundreds of porky pinnipeds were spotted lounging around Monomoy Island, an eight-mile-long sandbar near Chatham.

“Miles and miles of continuous blubber,” said Aaron Knight, who posted the video Sunday. The stretch of “18 trillion” seals has gotten nearly 300,000 views on Facebook.

“They used to be in harems and small chunks dotted down the beach, but this year…it’s just astonishing,” Knight told the Globe. “It’s an infinite forever stretch of seals.”

The seals are a delicacy to the white sharks spotted in the waters off Chatham each year. Knight, a pilot of 10 years, often takes friends and family for a flyover to see the seals just lolling all over the place.

“It’s a neat attraction to fly around and check them out, but now it’s scary,” he said.