Ten Standout Boston Marathon Signs That Totally #NailedIt

Including Donald Trump jokes, flirty Wellesley students, and scribbles by a little girl that made us all go, 'Hahaha…wut?'

Not all Boston Marathon signs are created equal. Every year, while tens of thousands of runners make the voyage from Hopkinton to Boylston Street, friends, family, and strangers convene to cheer them on—often with creative posters in tow. Some signs are inspiring (“You can do it!”), some are flirty (see: Wellesley College’s scream tunnel), and in an election year like this, no one should be surprised to see a few political jabs weaved into the mix.

Below are only some of the many funny signs we saw on Marathon Monday. Slow clap for the poop emoji.

“Run like Donald Trump is chasing you!”

boston marathon signs 1a

Photo by Sarah Fisher

“I’d Swipe Right.” (It only gets better from here, promise.)

boston marathon signs 2b

Photo by Cassidy Hopkins

She made this sign for her dad! Cuuute.

boston marathon signs 3c

Photo by Jamie Ducharme

I think that one guy might be smiling.

boston marathon signs 4d

Photo by Greta Jochem

That one sign every year that makes us go, “Hahaha…wut?”


“Relax, you’re running better than the GOP” spotted at #heartbreakhill #BostonMarathon #WhyICheer

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Oh, hey, a Kardashian joke. Great.

Students at Wellesley College uphold a longstanding tradition of cheering for runners at the “Scream Tunnel,” where girls are known to dole out kisses.

#wellesleycollege women show their support for #BostonMarathon runners. #wellesley #wellesleysquare #screamtunnel #swellesley #mile13

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Oh my!

And finally, no good poster day is complete without a Ryan Gosling appearance.