MBTA Wants to Penalize Amtrak for Weekend Service Disruptions

Amtrak maintenance caused a delay for riders at South Station on Sunday.

The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority is not happy with Amtrak.

According to the Boston Globe, the agency is seeking to add language to an agreement that would give the state the power to fine Amtrak for any future disruptions to service on MBTA tracks. Both sides are currently renegotiating the agreement that allows Amtrak to use and maintain MBTA tracks between Boston and Rhode Island.

Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack told the Globe that the the agency felt the need to pursue fines after an issue with the South Station signal system caused by Amtrak maintenance caused delays for passengers on Sunday.

“If they continue to act in ways that make it impossible for us to run our commuter rail system, why shouldn’t they owe us some form of penalty?” Pollack said.

Amtrak spokesperson Chelsea Kopta issued an apology to riders who were inconvenienced by the delay, but refused to comment on possible penalties from the MBTA.

“We do not negotiate contracts in public but welcome any and all proposals designed to enhance the service for all rail passengers in the [Northeast Corridor],” Kopta told the Globe.

The service also experienced significant delays back in February due to a malfunctioning Amtrak signal issue, causing thousands of passengers to get stranded for hours. The situation was so bad that passengers were told not to take certain lines at all.