A Case of a Stolen Bust

A bronze bust of a former state representative was stolen in Springfield on Monday.

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Residents of Springfield are trying not to lose their heads over a theft that occurred this week.

On Monday, the Springfield Republican reported that a bronze bust of a former state representative was stolen over the weekend. The life-sized bust of Rep. Anthony Scibelli formerly stood outside of the Mount Carmel Society, an Italian-American heritage club.

The Republican reports the thief twisted the pedestal from its original position, damaging the base. The statue, dedicated in 1999, is worth $35,000.

Scibelli died in 1998, and was one of the longest-serving lawmakers in American history. His bust was placed upon a pedestal with a plaque deeming him as “A Man of the People.”

Mount Carmel Society manager Frank Magnoli said of the thief, “He’s lucky we weren’t here” at the time. Springfield mayor Domenic Sarno called the thief “despicable.”

There’s a $500 reward for the return of the bust or for the arrest of the culprit, courtesy of Springfield City Councilor Timothy Rooke.

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