Maine Gov. Paul LePage Says People from India Are ‘the Worst Ones’ to Understand

LePage said it's tough understanding Bulgarians, too.

Maine Governor Paul Lepage

Photo via AP

Maine Gov. Paul LePage, fresh off vetoing a bill that would’ve provided greater access to the lifesaving overdose drug Narcan, told attendees of a state party convention how much difficulty he has understanding foreigners.

LePage, who has endorsed Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, said that workers from India are “the worst ones” to understand, and that Bulgarians aren’t much better.

The Republican governor’s comments came as he criticized a referendum in Maine to raise the minimum wage to $12, as its foreign workers who often work in restaurants, LePage argued. In an odd fit of self-awareness, LePage qualified his remarks, adding that Indians are “lovely people but you’ve got to have an interpreter.”

Previously, LePage blamed the opioid epidemic ravaging his state on men with names like “D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty” from New York and Connecticut. “Incidentally, half the time they impregnate a young, white girl before they leave, which is a real sad thing because then we’ve got another issue we have to deal with down the road,” LePage said in January.