New Hampshire Man Wears ‘This Guy Needs a Beer’ Shirt in DUI Mugshot

He probably doesn't.

Mugshot via Kensington Police

Mugshot via Kensington Police

A New Hampshire man was arrested Friday after making a series of questionable choices—among them, his wardrobe.

Police say Joshua Tackett, 29, of Seabrook, veered into the opposite lane before crashing his Chevy Cruz through a stone wall and into a utility pole, getting entangled in its wires. It didn’t take Kensington Police very long to respond to the accident, as it all reportedly happened in front of their station.

Tackett refused medical treatment for his minor injuries at the scene, and was later charged with driving under the influence. In his mugshot, he can be seen wearing a T-shirt that reads: “This Guy Needs a Beer.”

“Kensington has experienced an increased number of serious motor vehicle accidents this year, including a rollover accident in February, which resulted in three fatalities,” Chief Scott Sanders told Seacoast Online. “We can’t stress enough how important it is for motorists to slow down, put down the hand-held devices, and find designated drivers instead of getting behind the wheel while being impaired by drugs or alcohol.”

Tackett was released on $750 bail. He is expected to be arraigned on Wednesday.