Watch This Beautiful 4K Video of Boston Shot From a Helicopter

Made by four Emerson students.

With all our squabbling down here at ground-level, we don’t always appreciate just how beautiful this city of ours is. Sometimes, it takes four Emerson students and a helicopter to remind us.

Sophomores Jack Bushell, Jordan Kines, Diego Rosende, and Nick Vigue made the above short film, titled “Breathe,” with the help of Tuckaman Aviation, of Norwood. Bushell told they had never seen Boston by helicopter or shot in 4K video, and wanted to go “next-level.”

Behind the scenes flying over Boston. Full video coming soon. Edit by @jordankines #boston @diegorosende @env.i.g

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The roughly two-minute film captures their Sunday evening flight over Boston, from approximately 7:30 to 8:15 p.m. on April 17. The result is a breathtaking look at the Hub from above: the water in the Harbor looks like plate-glass, the Pru nimbly pirouettes, and the man on the side of 200 Clarendon makes one final cameo before shoving off into his own twilight. (And of course, the helicopter swings by Fenway Park.)

Looks world-class to me.

[h/t Kevin Slane]